About Gavin and the Jett

I’m the Jett, and welcome to my blog, where I will be sharing stories from my travels and experiences to inspire others to seek out adventure wherever it may be hiding!

The main character is, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, not me. My husband, Gavin, is one of those people that can make an adventure out of anything. And I mean anything. A trip to the corner store or a trip cross country, each inevitably becomes an opportunity to explore, an adventure – or misadventure – in the making. And maybe even a chance to try a new brand of beef jerky! His friends joke that I should follow him around with a video camera, document ‘Gavin’s World’ on YouTube. I believe that’s a little too invasive, especially for someone who doesn’t even have a Facebook page (him, not me). But a blog, a blog I think I can manage.

Gavin and I live on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, and spend our nine-to-five hours acting like professionals of the Finance kind. Although we spend as much time as we can traveling to new locales, both domestic and abroad, I fully believe you can always be a traveler, even if you are only a few blocks from home. All it takes is an inquisitive mind and a willingness to explore. I look forward to sharing our adventures with you!

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